The Stations of the Cross

Each Friday of Lent is a perfect time to reflect on the Way that Jesus walked during His Passion and death. It is known as the Way of the Cross, or the Stations of the Cross. At each station pause for a moment to meditate on the suffering Our Precious Lord endured for our sins.  There are many nice websites that have beautiful Stations of the Cross that you can do at home. I have added a simple, yet effective Way of the Cross that you may do any time you wish.

At the beginning of each station, recite the station number and the action of Jesus. Then recite “We adore Thee oh Christ, and we praise Thee. Because by The Holy Cross, You have redeemed the world,” followed by an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be at each station. Finish the Stations with the Apostles Creed.

stations of the cross

We adore Thee, Oh Christ, and we praise Thee, Because by Thy Holy Cross, Thou has redeemed the world.