Second Hand Saints

God in His eternal wisdom left for us His Immaculate Bride….His One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church… the Holy Mother Church…to guide us through our days on this earth. Throughout the centuries many have followed this path of truth and light and have found their eternal reward with our Blessed Lord in Heaven. Secondhandsaints blog is a kind of way, fashioned after the paths these daring souls have ventured. Some of whom created small ways to unite themselves with the Lord, yet many of whom shed their blood so that the Church could sprout forth new growthnew holy saints… to carry on this Sacred Tradition of the One True Church.

Through Church teachings and writings we are guided and encouraged to become all that God created each of us to be. In everything that we shall face…the small and large alike..those moments of joy and triumph and those moments of darkness and despair. This blog is a journey of a simple soul, longing to unite itself with God in all the daily struggles on earth, so that one day, it may find itself amidst all the Holy Saints in Heaven in the presence of the One who created it and hear those words that each of us should long to hear… “Well done,my good and faithful servant.” Matthew 25-line 21