The Value of Our Blood, Sweat and Tears – April 3rd

We have all heard the old adage…if you want anything in this world, you’ve got to put in the work…you’ve got to give it your blood, sweat and tears. In 1940 Winston Churchill coined the phrase  “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil tears and sweat.” He was speaking to the European people about the hardships about to befall them for joining into the War. It was actually paraphrased from a line uttered in Rome in 1849. Either wayIt is a great line…after all…that is all that each of us has to give…that…and a mess of other stuff which we will get to at another time…

Blood, sweat and tears; for Catholics…for all Christians;  is a powerhouse to offer God. That is all He wants. Our blood…to lay down our life for the Faith…for one another…It used to be that, that was what men strove for…Real mento die a martyr’s death…to be sacrificed for the Holy Mother Church…look it up if you want…Heaven is filled with Holy Saints who gave everything to God…What are you willing to give? Have you ever even thought about it? I know…it’s a hard reality to swallow…but there it is…and suddenly when we watch the news…see all the violence committed against Christians…we have to face the fact…martyrdom is a reality we could face. Are you willing to make the sacrifice? Am I ? It’s easy to think we would, but men have proved themselves to be cowards more often than not. That is why we must pray. Get down on our knees and beg the Good Lord for the strength to do whatever He asks….

God wants our sweat too, either from our laboring to build up the Church, or perhaps in the struggle of holding up another, one who for whatever reason cannot make it on their own. We are called to work…sweat for the Church and all Her works. This is another hard one…we like things easy...kind of handed to us on silver platters and all. We have got to get rid of the ‘me mentality’ and really get back to the nitty gritty…the work…the labor…the sacrifice of our strength and muscles. When is the last time you went to bed sore from laboring for the Lord? Built any arks lately? Any Churches?...I’m just saying

Finally, God wants our tears. Either from our own sufferings and sorrows, or from helping others through theirs… As Faithful Catholics we are called to visit the sick and dying…to comfort the afflicted. Bring your tissues, it is difficult work. This one, next to shedding blood, is possibly the hardest…We are called to comfort others…How? What could I possibly say??  I know…it’s time to get back on those ole’ knees and pray. God will give you what you need. Don’t worry. Don’t sweat the small stuff…seriously, Trust God and He will guide you.


Remember, Jesus Christ gave all three for us. In the garden of  Gethsemane, as He waited for the He waited for the cup, He cried out… pleading with the Heavenly Father to let it pass from His hands…His sweat came out as blood…the burden of the entire world was upon His shoulders…it was a powerful moment… it changed Everything!!!  Think about it, when you want your garden to grow, you fertilize it. We use Epsom salt for pretty green stems…we use water mixed with minerals for strong roots and if we really want our gardens to send forth blossoms that will amaze our neighbors we mix in a couple of spoons fulls of blood meal…

As we close in on this coming Easter, let’s finish up these last days of Lent…by digging deep…listening  to God and seeing exactly what He wants from each of us…. remember to pray for the graces we will need… because sometimes…God desires all three…blood, sweat and tears.


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