A POWERFUL NINE HOURS — The Domestic Church of Bosco

I found this Powerful Nine Hours to be quite inspiring, particularly when it seems that the very world we live in is in a swirl of chaos and sickness and borderline despair. People these days are in real need of a life line…something that can give them healing… something that can give them hope…. It seems almost everyone I know is in need of prayers. This blog post suggests a sort of remedy in what really seems like a powerhouse of a prayers. Hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did:

Several very sick children, aging and ailing parents, friends with cancer…what do these things have in common? Heartache? Suffering? Certainly; but what they meant to us today as we gathered to Encounter Christ together, were an invitation to go to battle in the spiritual realm; to pray and invite God into the place where are […]

via A POWERFUL NINE HOURS — The Domestic Church of Bosco

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  1. megbski says:

    Glad you enjoyed the post! Thanks for sharing on your amazing site!


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