The Beauty of Mary and Her Glorious Assumption Into Heaven

Oh sweet Maryoh love divine

Of all of God’s creatures, none is more holy… or more closely knit to the Will of the Heavenly Father than that of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  Unlike what many of our protestant brothers and sisters have mistakenly been led to believe, she was unmarked by the stain of original sinshe was kept pure and holy...  As a fulfillment of God’s plan, she was  Immaculately conceived, remaining ‘immaculate’ the entirety of her life … In all ways.  From the onset of her creation, until the very end of time.

When Mary was visited by the angel Gabriel and gave God her yes, ‘her fiat’, not only did she become the Mother of our Dear Lord, but she became the mother of us, as well. Because of her intimacy with Jesus throughout all stages of His life… His birth, His Passion and His resurrection… especially when lived with her heart of humility and obedience; she was chosen… entrusted, by the Lord with the role as co-redemptrix.  Her ‘yes’ was the foundation our salvation was built upon. She had free will, but she did not have sin. She could have said no, if God had not created her in such a unique way. We need to remember this. We need to realize that she was not just another of God’s creatures. She was special …She is special and deserves to be treated as such.

We must remember that not only was she ‘Immaculately conceived’, but unlike the rest of humanity, she  lived her life completely… and perfectly… for the Lord… From beginning to end… She held nothing back … Because of her nature, she was forever charitable and generous beyond  measure. It was this way of living completely and totally united with the Lord that He created the glory for her in heaven… and she was Assumed,  body and soul, so that she could reign with Him in heaven…in her purity… As there was nothing for the rot to take hold of… there was nothing in her nature that was corruptible...

The start of her Queen-ship truly began for the rest of mankind once she was assumed into heaven. It was then that she was more fully able to carry out God’s plans and spread His message of mercy everywhere. It was then that she was more able to aid so beautifully in the salvation of man, converting entire nations in all areas of the world…and at all times… Mary, Queen of Heaven… Queen of Earth… Pray for us.

“Prayer is powerful beyond limits, when we turn to the Immaculate who is Queen even of God’s   Heart.” – St. Maximilian Kolbe

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