Cleansing My Soul, He Saves Me

Even in my suffering and agony…

these drops of Precious Blood….

have the power…

have the ability….

to wash and inebriate me…

to cleanse me of my sin

so that once again, my soul

is reminded of it’s worth

and there is peace,

in my unbalanced mess.

With grace, He reaches

through the depths…

reaches through the ages

of pains and hurts,

forcing me from

my prideful stance.

In struggles of humility

I stumble and fall.

i am lonely and alone…

            i have nothing of my own.

my cup; once full;

is emptied in this fall from grace.

i have no right to drink… to quench

this unquenchable Thirst…

                     and yet

Christ’s Mercy flows…


deep into this darkest place…

where  footsteps fade into echoes,

and echoes fade into silence.

        His Mercy finds me.

even when,

I have no reason to be found…

            no reason to be saved

from this black abyss

I have fallen into on my own.

He is there….

giving the unthinkable…

        doing the undeservable

springing Life

and hope

and Love.

Embracing me with His forgiveness….

                   He washes me….

simply, with His Grace.

         Oh Jesus… My Lord!

Encompassed in Your Mercy,

i am forgiven all my debt…

i am saved from the only thing I have ever

warranted on my own…

my own agonizing death.

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