A Reminder For the Faithful


fulton sheen priests need to be priests

During this difficult time when it seems that every aspect of our faith is being tested, or worse yet, stripped away, we the faithful have got to stay firm. We have got to buckle down on our prayer life. Many of our wonderful priests are posting Masses and other liturgical devotions online … we must participate, just because the bishops have locked us out of our traditional Lenten devotions . God is Still calling us. We mustn’t slack in our prayer life. God is still calling us to holiness. He wants us to be strong. Never has He called anyone to cowardice… be courageous… be not afraid…Listen to what God is calling you to do… do not shriek in fear and hide!

On this Friday of Lent do not forget to walk the path of Calvary with Our Dear Lord. Even if there are no public acts of devotion, do not hesitate to make the way of the Cross at home. There are many websites that have the Stations of the Cross, and I know that some of the local parishes are streaming them online. It is absolutely necessary that we do not forget this is a day of penance and abstinence … as are all Fridays of Lent. Even when the bishops have issued dispensations for Mass, we are still encouraged to use this time, this ‘suffering’ as a means of growing closer to the Lord.

Remember, the Church has faced many difficult times in Her long history… we have had courageous priests… courageous bishops… and now dear faithful reader... He is calling us to show the same kind of courage that only God can ask. Don’t fear and fall into anger. Pray and be calm. Allow the Lord to put your miserable little self  into action. Don’t settle for ‘just enough‘…. do more… always strive for holiness… always strive to be a saint. God bless!


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