A Change Has Come


it is the whisper

of the gentle breeze,

embracing the tender

growth of trees.

Or may it be

the promise

of new beginnings

when spring buds

sprout forth meadow leaves.

Perhaps it is the

radiance of God’s bright sun

that penetrates and warms

the soul.

Whatever it is, a change has come.

there is a difference in

the air and soil.

A stirring in the

chambers of both

the heart and lungs.

Both blood and breath

have been reborn.

There is no denying it,

A change has come.

One that brings comfort and

drives away those nagging

doubts and fear,

that have covered us in darkness

all the long year.

In the brightness of a new dawn,

we are freed from past insults

and insecurities…

we are freed to believe

that we do belong

in the arms

of a merciful Father,

a loving God Who

has simply

loved us all along.

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