to give and to receive

On this Divine Mercy Sunday, let us remember, that it is not only for us to receive the Lord’s Mercy for ourselves, but we are called to extend Mercy to others as well. Let us remember to extend it to those whom we might rather to forget. Those who we might wish to ignore. We are called to show Mercy to anyone who may hurt or harm us, whether intentionally or not. This is something we cannot do on our own. We must be open to the grace that the Lord will give us. Often, we must humble ourselves in order to do the Lord’s work. It is not an easy undertaking.

If we know about the Lord and His unfathomable Mercy….let us ask for the grace that in our own miserable state, we may somehow extend a bit of the Lord’s mercy to those we meet. Have a beautiful Divine Mercy Sunday! God love you, my friends.

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