cleaning house

These past few months have been a sort of reorganizing my priorities, a cleaning out of feelings and emotions that have cluttered up my heart and brain.

It has been a sort of difficult path. Finding oneself distracted with human emotions of loneliness and pain. These are all part of the human condition that have been around since man first began. It is nothing new. Nothing new under the sun, as the saying goes. So why do I insist upon so much poetry? Not even good poetry, so I don’t really know. It seemed right. But now, it seems as a waste of time, not only my time, but yours as well.

The Saints is where our focus should be. How they struggled and kept their eyes, their hearts on the Lord, and Our Blessed Mother.

So after so many empty nights, and words about the moon and new dawn’s, I am going to try and direct my attentions on holy, upright things. To increase my love… and perhaps increase your interest in these courageous men and women who came before us living and loving the Lord with all their mind, all their body and all their heart. God bless you my friends! Have a blessed Friday.

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