lost in space

i fell for

the randomness of your

words and acts.

our conversations

that stretched out

to the moon and


beyond the stars

and galaxies,

we were out there

lost in space.

but you were also

in here with me,

where my heart beat

skips a beat

and jumps and pumps

thick red blood.

caught up in

this frailty of love.

searching for a reason

in those days and

in those seasons.

but i have been

away too long.

the path i once knew

like a song,

is overgrown

and drags out long.



upside down

i try to find my way


but it is late.

dusk is rushing straight

into dawn,

and me,

i am fading

and graying fast

like lost forgotten


tucked in a box

at the attic’s back.

there will be

no more gathering

of days for us,

just a gathering of dust.

a premonition

of what is surely

to become of us.

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