Happy St. Valentine’s Day- February 14

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Happy St. Valentine’s Day

As the secular world takes hold of yet another holiday and manages to shred it to pieces with every distortion imaginable…let us remember that the tradition of this feast is to celebrate an actual saint…St. Valentine, and his love for God.

Not much is known about this Roman saint, except that he was a firm believer in the sacrament of marriage, and continued to perform marriage ceremonies in spite of Claudius’ ban.  He was martyred for his faith and his refusal to turn his back on God’s law. Red is associated with him because he shed his blood. And because of his Nuptial Masses, he also became the patron saint of lovers.

One final note; as faithful Catholics, we really need to guard our hearts, our minds and our souls against the very deceptive nature that is spreading throughout the secular world. By that, I mean we need to recognize the Truth from the lies…we need to be honest about what true love is, and what it isn’t…love can never come from a sinful action…it just cannot. Lust and carnal desires spring forth…but not Love…love is a truth revealed to us by our loving Father when he sent his prophets and then when He sent His only Begotten Son…Jesus…which is Love Itself.


We need to pray for people who don’t have the benefit of knowing the truth…pray for conversion of sinners everywhere…and as we continue to get bombarded with images that show people in sinful relations…remember, we must always stand by the Truth that Jesus revealed to us in His One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church. The marriage bond is a Holy Sacrament, a bond instituted by God…not man. St. Valentine, pray for us

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