Saints Cyril and Methodius

... : AKATHIST Hymn to our fathers among the saints Cyril and Methodius

“Apostles to the Slavs”

These two Byzantine Greek brothers from Greece became missionaries, and teachers of the Slavic people. Because of their tireless work for the Slavic people, in the Orthodox Church, they hold a title “Equal to the Apostles”. In 1880, Pope Leo XIII brought their feast day to the Roman Catholic Church.

In the eastern Church use of the vernacular was common practice, but not so in the Roman Church, and they faced much opposition when they proposed their effort to translate the Liturgy from the traditional Latin. They worked tirelessly to promote the use of the vernacular when spreading the Gospel so that all people could benefit from it. We should remember them, not because they fought to change the language of the Church, but because when faced with the political and cultural problems of their time,they acted with humility and a love for the Lord, in their response to it.

Saints Cyril and Methodius, watch over all missionaries but especially those in Slavic countries. Help those that are in danger in the troubled areas. Watch over the people you dedicated your lives to. Amen

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