Remembering the Lesser Known Saints of Heaven


Six months into this, and it still surprises me, how little I know of the lives of saints. I mean sure, there are those saints that everyone has heard of, whether they are Catholic or not….St. Patrick…St. Valentine…St. Francis of Assisi...St. Nicholas. And then there are the saints that most Catholics know; Saint Theresa the Little Flower, Saint Maximilian Kolbe, Saint Maria Goretti, Saint Anthony of Padua… you get the idea. Saints.jpgWell in addition to those, there are the numerous saints that very little is known about, and to even try to learn about them, is very difficult. Some days, as I do research for this blog, I imagine myself sitting in the back room of an old, ancient library, flipping through the pages of  ancient books in some foreign text…with dust flying everywherejust trying to scrape together enough information to create a balanced picture of the day’s saint…without losing the important aspects of their life… Since there are so many saints that deserve to be remembered… sometimes I forgo the more widely known saint of the day and try to research these other lesser known saints, those men and women who lived their lives in holiness and served God in their quite corner of the world…and the sometimes, not so quiet corner

These are the saints that are tucked away in the history pages of the  Catholic Church…Those often forgotten souls who displayed heroic virtue in the face of so much vice…So if you’ve ever wondered, “Well, who the heck is that???” Keep checking back…It is my hope that with the continuation of this blog, that I can do my small part to shine a little light back onto the virtuous lives of these lesser known, yet still very, Holy souls. They are in fact a vital part of the Church body. They have volumes to teach us about the Faith and about remaining steadfast in the face of adverse measures. We, the Church Militant can learn a lot from them…they are a shining beacon for us…a Light of Christ…in this sometimes dim and dismal world. So instead of losing hope, let us learn from this vast history of the saints, and let us open our hearts…and a bit of our mind…to these members of the Holy Church Triumphant.

saints unknown.jpg

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