Enjoying These Days in the Octave of Easter

This week has been such a welcome change from the somberness of the days leading up to Easter… There is a revealing of the Risen Christ in almost all the daily readings at Mass and the Gospel readings keep repeating the same message… “Christ is Risen…Christ is alive…” in one way or another. This week...this octave of Easter, we are being reminded that He Lives… That He is not just some ghostly form that haunts our dreams… or some abstract spiritual being... No, we are being told and retold how  Jesus Christ rose from the dead…with His full body, He came back to life,  with the wholeness of His body… With actual flesh and bones…and Breath…

Jesus in upper room

We have been reading these stories from  the accounts of those who actually saw Him… Those who Actually talked with Him…fished with Him and ate with Him… He shows the faithful (His Mother…Mary Magdalene…the Apostles…) His actual Flesh…His skin and bones…proving to them…proving to us…  (today’s faithful) that He did as He said He would do… He rose on the third day…and He conquered death.

He is still doing the same for us. Even though we can’t actually put our finger into the hole on His hand…or into His side…Or gaze into His beautiful face… He is still with us…Every day….The Living Lord….Saving us from death. Speaking to us…in the quite of our hearts…reminding us… that He is Risen…That He Is Alive and He is with us… Right here and now… Right here in the Most Holy Eucharist… His Actual Body….His Actual Blood…His Soul and His Divinity… Present for all the faithful to behold and adore… and to love. On a daily basis. Every moment of our every day. And every night if we wish. In fact, each breath we take is in the presence of the ever living… never dying Lord, Who conquered death. Awesome,isn’t it? Hope you’re having a great Easter. Spring is in the air and Love Itself has manifest Himself for all the world to embrace…So, Rejoice …. Rejoice…. Rejoice.

He Is Risen

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  1. loveinthefield says:

    Yes! Such an insane thing to realize and what an appropriate time of year to have this regular reminder.

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