From Crucifixion to Redemption

I have not been able to get my thoughts together for my regular posts lately….but, I used to like to write poetry… even tough I’m not very good, and I know this isn’t what you normally expect, and it’s message carries more of a Holy Week sentiment…  I promise, with God’s infinite goodness and Mercy… and a more balanced way of dealing with my time… I will get back to writing about all of the Holy Catholic Church’s Awesome Saints.

I’ve battled before with this darkness of sin…

  My soul, drowning in shadows of despair and doubt…

aches with the whispers of the malcontent one….

spinning lies… into rumors…and anguished pain.

Trembling under the weight, I fall to my knees

            …I have never been able to stand…


Looking up at the foot of the Cross….

 The burden of sin is real….

is smothering…

 I know…it was me… it has always been me

         Who put the nail there…

         The measure of my sins…causing blow after blow.

       My heart has been shattered with this realization…

    With this knowledge…. That I am to blame.

                Choking…. my breath, strangles in my throat…

           Suffocating me under the weight of the debt…that I cannot even begin to pay.

 Broken fragments of my soul shiver in the empty hollow of my chest

Thumping around like some caged wild animal that

        is frantic with fear…

                 frantic with the smell of death…

               and the uncertainty of what is to come.

             Reaching up… touching the feet of the Most Blessed One…

I am lifted from this depth of misery,

         purely with the strength and mercy

           from the very Blood of this very One….

  Our Triune Lord…

        Whose feet, I have so often, pierced alone.



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1 Response to From Crucifixion to Redemption

  1. loveinthefield says:

    I love it and feel that weight too. Thank you for sharing.


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