Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray For Us

As we continue our advent journey, the Holy Mother Church is determined to remind us… determined to draw us closer to Christ by providing us with special feasts that point us in the direction of Our Blessed Mother… who in her utmost love for the Lord, serves only to draw us closer to her Son, Jesus. Yesterday the Holy Mother Church celebrated Saint Juan Diego who met the Blessed Mother under the title of Our Lady of Guadalupe, whose feast we celebrate today.

As faithful Catholics in America, each of us should honor our Blessed Mother under this title, as she is the Patroness of the Americas as well as the protector of the unborn. During a time when Americans willfully slaughter the most innocent among us, we (the Church militant) should be pleading with the Blessed Mother for her intercession to end this tragedy. Unfortunately, as our country progresses, we have fallen back into the sins of old, and we sacrifice our unborn children on a daily basis. We have high, ‘supreme’ courts that uphold these barbaric measures… promoting such horrific procedures as ‘health ‘care and protection of privacy for women.

https://i.pinimg.com/736x/ef/1c/94/ef1c94a7492a21004a9bf776f7229760--mama-mary-catholic-religion.jpgWe know that this battle will not be won in courts of man… they have proven this many times… In order to end this horrible practice we must pray for miracles. Not just to Jesus, but we must pray for the intercession of His Blessed Mother as well. Because when she appeared to St. Juan Diego, the Aztecs were on a killing spree, they were murdering their young and offering them as sacrifices to pagan gods. Today, many who seek out abortions are acting on different motives… and unfortunately many do not understand the dire consequences of their actions, but the outcome is the same… the loss of innocent life… just thinking about this should cause us to do more than shudder. It should cause us to look into the gentle eyes of Our Beloved Lady of Guadalupe and plead with her for an end to this atrocity. These prayers should never be far from our hearts or far from our lips.

As we prepare to celebrate the wonderful occasion of the birth of Christ, let us remember the unborn children who are in jeopardy of being aborted, and as we seek to draw closer to the Infant Jesus, let us hold these dear little children in our hearts and offer them to the Blessed Mother that under the title of our Lady of Guadalupe, that she may intercede for the Americas again, and stop this all too pagan ritual of abortion.


A Nudge From Our Lady - The Practicing Catholic

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    Just a Reminder of another of Our Lady’s Titles.
    Mother Mary, Pray for us.


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