Wonder of the Universe


oh wonder of the universe, that

                                                         I should sit here … like this…

quietly contemplating

the silence…

spinning in the quiet clouds of fragrant smoke,

swirling… I drift… alone.

And you, halfway around the world…

are closely pondering

This same face of Christ…

 the Eucharist.

This burning furnace of charity …

His Heart is steady…

unchanging… beating…

quiet flames that are precisely the same for all eternity,

relentlessly pulling us towards

this mystery of Life…

the rhythm of His  chest…

rising and falling.

And even though vast blue skies

and depths of oceans unknown ….

separate us… they can do nothing

to divide us from this

same universal Truth:

Christ is the Eucharist.









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3 Responses to Wonder of the Universe

  1. loveinthefield says:

    This is so beautiful. And so true and life-changing. Thanks so much for sharing your heart through these beautiful words.

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  2. J.M.J. says:

    Wow, that is all I can currently say. This poem brought me to tears! There is no other explanation to this poems beauty…. it’s Divinely inspired… and I know it. You have a gift! God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit speaks through you in amazing and unexplainable ways, it just puts in awe… This post has to be one of my personal favorites!! You truly are vessel of Christ!!!! Thank you so much for posting this and showing the wonder of our Catholic Faith… centered around the EUCHARIST!!!!!!!!!!! Keep spreading the Truth!!

    God bless you and keep you!!!

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  3. mikatsa6 says:

    Thank you so much for the extremely kind comments. We owe all of our being, all of everything we have… All of everything we don’t have…. Back to God. When I gather my thoughts and write, I just pray to bring glory to the One I owe my everything… As well as my nothing. God bless.


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