Transformed in the Quiet of God

There have been a great many stories of conversion throughout the history of the Catholic Church. In fact, just recently we listened in Mass to the reading of the conversion of St. Paul. The entire reading can be found in the Acts of the Apostles 9: 1-22. And although it is quite dramatic, the kind of earth-shaking conversion that rocked St. Paul, isn’t the kind that most of us will experience … but  our conversion towards God will be grande none the less. And in order to ensure that we don’t get knocked flat on our backs, we need an openness to His Will  and an ear for His voice…. in every circumstance of our lives.

What exactly is an ear for the voice of God, you might ask. Well, it is the quieting of your soul. It is the pause that listens for the breath of God in your heart. It is the moment of stillness in which you hear your conscience speak. It is the hush in the busy-ness of your day.  So much of our days are anything but quiet, and to set aside God time will take an effort… but it can be done… rather… it must be done. No one ever made it to heaven by listening for the voice of God… and then disobeying It… we are called to listen…and we are called to obedience…

Maybe you have just a few moments… maybe, it’s just those few moments as you get your shower… or wait for the coffee to drip…whenever it is… find your quiet. Even though seeking out God in a quite chapel would be most ideal… God can talk to us anywhere. We just have to be sure to lose the distractions.

The cell phone and the t.v. are the two main culprits that we allow to rob of us our silence. It is quite hard to know that you are doing all that you can for the Lord if all you give Him is one hour on Sunday. God deserves the beginning and the end of our everyday. He deserves our prayers. Of course,  He doesn’t need them…. but He wants them. why? Because they help us. As Catholics we know that God created us to know Him, to love Him and to serve Him, so that we could be happy with Him in this world and the next.

Unfortunately, many Catholics only pray when they need something. Praying to God for help is fine… it is good, but we ned to pray so that we can listen to what God wants from us. It will surprise you. It is more than you think. It is beyond our simple grasp. Most of us don’t even have a clue about the greatness that the Lord is calling us to. It will take your breath away… God will take your breath away. And He will replace it with His breath. His strength. His resolve and firm understanding. He will move mountains with your tiny little hands. He will cross vast lands with your legs and your feet. He will use you to stir the world into seeking Him. He will use you… yes… tiny little you… to shed His Light into the world…

Your conversion will more than likely begin in the quiet. It will be a gnawing in your soul… a feeling of something undone… it is God. He is calling you… whispering you into conversion. There may not be thunderbolts and lighting. There may not be horses galloping at full speed… There may not be all that grande display and hoopla, but you must listen… because when all is said and done and you have lived your life totally, and completely for the Lord, giving Him whatever He asks… you just may feel like it is all that and more. God bless.

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3 Responses to Transformed in the Quiet of God

  1. Hattie R says:

    Reblogged this on Le Petit Papier and commented:
    An excellent reminder to give God more of our time. I’m passing this post on to you, my family. We shouldn’t just “know God” when life is kicking out butts!

    Love & Hugs

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  2. loveinthefield says:

    “Your conversion will more than likely begin in the quiet. It will be a gnawing in your soul… a feeling of something undone… it is God. He is calling you… whispering you into conversion.”

    I love this post and this quoted section above especially. “A feeling of something undone” — such a beautiful way to put it.

    May Our Lord continue to convert us each day, turning our hearts and faces to Him again and again.

    Thank you for this!

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  3. We have entered the “age to come” foretold by Jesus in Mark 10:30.


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