Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas

st thomas aquinas

“The things that we love, tell us what we are.”

St. Thomas Aquinas said, “The things that we love, tell us what we are.” With this is mind, what pray tell are you? Where does your love lie? Are we like the good St. Thomas Aquinas with eyes turned towards the heavens? No of course not! We are busy in the hectic day to day grind. We barely have time to look up let alone sit and contemplate the grande designs of God. Even so, are we doing the best we can? Are we doing all that we can to insure that we are loving what is best?

Are your days filled things of the world or things of the Lord? So many of us are busy. We have every hour of our day spent doing something. We have our jobs and all our daily tasks. And then, for those of us with a marriage vocation … we have our families to look after and take care of. The list involved with this is long, and most days there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done. It is an endless cycle… but even so, it is all part of the plan and we have got to make sure that in the midst of all of our ‘living’ that we don’t lose sight of our ultimate goal, which is to spend our eternity with God in heaven… and laying the groundwork for our children … showing them the narrow path.

Of course our vocation is important, it is what we have been called to fulfill … It is our love…. and we wouldn’t have it any other way, and as such it deserves all of the effort that we put into it. But what kind of effort? Are we building up Christ’s Church in our home? Do we spend more time driving the kids to practices and rehearsals than we spend trying to pray an hour of Eucharistic adoration as a family? How about praying the family rosary? Does it keep getting pushed aside for more pressing matters? When we put the emphasis on the ‘material or secular’ aspects of life, what kind of message are we sending to the children? What kind of message are we sending to God?

If God has called you to the vocation of marriage, it is our duty as parents to instill in our children a love of God. It is that simple… many of us will fail and fall short but we have got to try… we mustn’t ever give up hope. (think St. Monica...)The first priority is that we have got to move all of this other stuff off the pedestal and remember that it is not about us and this world but it is about us united with God and His Holy plan for us. We have got to make God the center of our homes, with the Blessed Mother sitting in Her place beside Him. And then, we have got to work all of those otherwise wasted hours, making sure that they reign as the center of not only our homes but our hearts as well! After all, as St. Thomas Aquinas said, we are what we love… May God bless you in your continued efforts to be holy.

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