Why Are We So Good at Grudges?

Out of all the creatures in God’s created world, we humans, are the only ones created in His image and likeness. That says something about who we are… at least it should. We all know that God is love. From the beginning of time to the ending… He is Love. And we… these miserable creatures that we are… are created in this same love. So it goes to figure that we should have the same capacity for love that God has. But because we are marked with original sin, here is where the miserable part comes in… unlike God, we are prone to act on this sin, and often times, because of our nature, we waste our time, allowing that sin, our predisposition to sin, to rob us of our image and likeness to God. Because we are fallen, we often take what rightly belongs to God and we throw it away… or worse, we throw it to the devil.

Holding onto grudges is just that. It is a wasting away of God’s precious gift to us. When we hold onto grudges, we are actively working to remove the grace that God has given us in our baptism, and we are replacing it with our sins… our vices… those imperfections that keep us from holiness. Even if we have been wronged or hurt… we must learn to forgive… seventy times a thousand if we must, otherwise we risk losing it all. And I am not just talking about our relationships with one another here on earth. No, I am talking about losing the one thing that we were created for… and that, is to be with God in Heaven. It is that big a deal.

Now, I know some of you wonder why this is something I keep writing about, well, it is because it is really something that many people don’t even think about anymore. In our society that promotes self, it is a vice that so often gets overlooked and ignored. So many people feel that they love God and still others, figure that since they are good… I mean they go to Church…. what does it matter if they hold a grudge against so and so… they deserve it anyway… Jesus will understand, after all He got mad in the temple… ‘Or better yet, they say ‘my anger is just…’ or some such nonsense as that. Many people don’t realize the gravity that this kind of unjust anger affects in their souls… their sense of peace and joy are gone. Often times, instead of looking inwardly, they want to blame the world for their unhappiness… their lack of joy. But in order for their to be joy… there must be love…. and in order for there to be love there must be charity and in order for there to be charity, there must be God’s grace, and that self awareness of soul that allows us to know, that all of our good…. all of our virtue…. comes from God is precisely where our path to holiness begins. These grudges separate us from this and soon we forget that we were created to be like God…. in His image and likeness…In order to do God’s Will, we must love one another… As we Love Christ…. We cannot separate ourselves from this Truth or we risk the chance, that when we go before the Lord, He will not even recognize us as one of His own.

None of us want that, it is too big a risk, just for the satisfaction of ‘knowing‘ that you were right. But it may not even be that. It might just be the desire to hurt someone, because you are hurting yourself. But as I recently read, no one ever healed their hurt by hurting another. It doesn’t work like that. It never has. It never will. Those whispers of revenge are lies of the devil. He would be more than satisfied to help you on the path to hell. He is after all the Father of all lies… the destroyer of all that God has made as good….Remember that nothing good ever comes from sin.

We are just a few short weeks outside of lent…. when letting go of things…clearing out our  clutter becomes the order of the day… Let us take this opportunity to pray for the grace that God will help us to let go of these grudges that do so much damage to our souls. Once you have made the change from vice to virtue… And when God’s love has been restored, charity will return, and when charity returns, peace will return and there will room in your heart for God’s grace to work wonders in your soul… Returning it to it’s former glory... of being created in the image and likeness of God… And when that happens.…You will be grateful that you let go of the grudge that has held you down for so long. Have a blessed day my friends.

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