September 13th – Feast of St.John Chrysostom

As we approach the mid point of this month of September, we meet St. John Chrysostom, bishop and Doctor of the Church. His name ‘Chrysostom’ was actually given to him after his death and it means ‘Golden mouthed.’ He was able to find God’s message in everything. He was able to apply the Scripture message to everyday circumstances. He had the ability to preach and to teach the people how to incorporate the Gospel into their everyday living. To make the ordinary extraordinary…

This is exactly the same message we need today. We need to incorporate the Gospel into every moment of everyday. We need to stop compartmentalizing our faith into those scattered moments of prayer or when we have the chance to go to Mass. Those are great, but we need to live the Gospel… live our faith every moment of every day.  I know... this is much easier said than done. Our days our busy and they are hectic.  Most of our waking moments are spent out in a secular world, and many days it takes all that we have, just trying to maintain an attitude of Christian love towards our families let alone everyone else.

It is an angry world. One that chews and spits Christians out on a regular basis. Just flip through any history book and the story is the same. There were pits of lions, vats of boiling oil, even dungeons that Christians have frequently been tossed into and forgotten about. The violence we are living in is nothing new.  Even though the violence is escalating around the world, most of us in America haven’t felt any sort of repercussions for practicing our faith, yet. But time will tell, and the world is constantly changing. Unfortunately the Truth is getting harder and harder to discern. The lips of both evil and ‘good’ men speak of lies, and we are to believe these words? … As Christians we must maintain an air of peace within our souls and pray to discern everything that comes from man. God will help us, but we must place our trust in Him. Do not be fooled by the cleverness of man. We have come upon that day when the lies will be more believed than the Truth…We have begun the descent.. and it is a slippery slope at that! So hang on! 

Remember, God has chosen each one of us to live in these times. We have been called to raise our families, and to live the Faith. Precisely at this moment in time. Do not delay for  we have much to do and much to protect. It is a struggle worth battling for. One we won’t be able to do alone. Only with God’s help (and of course Our Lady!) will we be able to stand firm when the evil one raises his head towards us. We have got to become familiar with what we are fighting for. We have got to learn our faith so that we can live that Faith…. God’s Words have got to be our way of life… Do you understand? We have got to find a way to live the Gospel message every moment…. of every day.

 God has plans for us that we cannot even begin to imagine. We have got to understand that there is more to us than what we see. Far more…. I am going to leave you with a couple of St. John Chrysostom’s quotes that you may read and meditate upon. Until next time my friend, may God bless you and keep you in His care. Viva Cristo Rey!

prayer-person-praying-hands - Diocese of Bridgeport

                                                            “We pray not to inform God or instruct Him, but to beseech Him closely, to be made intimate with Him, by continuance in supplication; to be humbled; to be reminded of our sins.”                           

My Apologies, But Your Manners Are Absolutely Appalling ...



“No matter how just your words may be, you ruin everything when you speak with anger.”


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“It is better to err by excess of mercy than excess of severity…wilt thou become a Saint? Be severe to thyself, but be kind to others.

“Prayer is the place for every worry, it is a foundation for cheerfulness, a source of happiness, a protection against unhappiness.”

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