October 1st – Month of the Holy Rosary


As the ticking of time pulls us into the next calendar page, the world continues to spin in her errors, spewing out lies, so much so, that the line which once distinctly separated  the truth from the lies is almost blurred beyond recognition. And the two separate realities are being peddled to the masses as being one and the same.  There is seldom any mention of this distortion, even from those who are entrusted to preach the Truth….

There is no longer any separation between what is true and what is false. In a world guided by man’s feelings, we are being led not by Truth, but rather man’s sense of moral relativism. It has become a battleground against  Absolute Truth. Everywhere one looks, we are being lied to. ‘Dis-information‘ is the  key word of the day and those who would like nothing better then to see the collapse of our society, keep  plugging away with the lies, twisting everything to fit their distorted narrative of wanting us to believe in what we know is false, and moreover, wanting for us to deny what we know to be the Truth.

We no longer have news agencies reporting the facts or even looking for the truth, instead we have propaganda machines intent on destroying the human person. In a society that espouses this so called ‘woke-ness’ of man, we can see how this ‘revelation‘or ‘enlightenment‘ is just another means used to enslave and entrap man. There is something much more sinister than mere oversight going on…something wicked this way comes… And that Something is hell bent and intent on destroying the very soul of man.

Those who have been placed in charge of hiding the truth, keep mixing the poison with the batter and feeding it everyone who is willing to take a bite. Many good people in their laziness eat out of this very pot! Most people don’t even realize what they are eating is literally crap. Much more foul than anything that could come out of the back end of a mule, but the people keep on eating… piling it in…. Trying to fill the emptiness that is within them… In desperation, they keep on believing the lies that are being told to them, being sold to them. Because they have been drained of their ability to discern the Truth it is proving to be an easy task. It is a deviously clever plan.

Not only are our souls at stake, but the very blood of our children is being offered as a sacrifice to appease these satanic beasts. So,Why don’t we do anything? Have we grown so accustomed to our lukewarmness that we have forgotten what is right and good? Do we not even recognize evil? Nor recognize the Truth? As faithful Catholics, moreover, as the Church Militant on earth, we have got to stop ‘just doing’ to get along. We have got to put up a struggle and speak the Truth. We have got to put up a fight against the lies that are being forced on each of us. We have to take a stand against this evil.

October is the perfect month to remind us what being catholic is about. October is celebrated as Respect Life Month to remind us all to pray for the sanctity of life. From conception until our natural end. We don’t need any compromise here. As Catholics and Christians we can’t continue to compromise away the very souls of the unborn. We cannot continue to turn away as they shove tubes and poisons into our aged loved ones. We have got to speak up. Far too many have died because of our silence. We have danced this dance with the devil for far too long. It is time to call the children home. But we cannot do this alone. We need supernatural help…

October is also the Month of the Holy Rosary. There is no better weapon than the holy rosary to rein in the evil that is spinning the world out of control. We must actively respond to the pleas of the Blessed Mother when she requested, on numerous occasions, that the faithful pray the rosary everyday. I know some of you will say that the Lord has already won. That Christ died on the Cross and saved us. But check it out, this is how the Lord wins. This is how evil will be combated. With His Mother! We can not fight this evil on our own. It won’t be done. We must rely on the Lord’s own Blessed Mother. Why do you think He gave Her to all mankind? She is our Mother… Our Mom… She is our’s. Her heart is our home… If you belong to the Lord, you are Her’s. That’s just how it is.

Step Five - Most Holy Rosary | Children of the Eucharist

Now that you know this, Do not be afraid to ask Her for anything. She is a Mother who will do anything out of love for Her Son. So don’t be afraid, ask away!  We are facing some very troubling times in our country and we need to remember that with Our Blessed Mother’s help, many of the present dangers can be avoided. Do not fall into the trap of believing that prayer won’t accomplish anything. Throughout history there have been many times when a bad situation was averted due to the prayers of the faithful. And the rosary is one of the most powerful tools we have available to us. Make some time each day to pray, to ask the Blessed Mother for her protection, for her guidance. Sanctify your day with prayer. You do not have to dedicate hours for this, any time you have a moment, ask the Lord or Our Dear Mother for help. ‘Jesus, I trust in You’, is a simple yet, effective prayer during the busy times. If you can, offer a quick ‘Hail Mary’ to sanctify whatever moment you are in. These simple prayers can make the ordinary, extraordinary. Bring Mary into your day, into the moments of your day, and you can be a part of accomplishing great things.

"Behold your Mother" | Blessed Mother | Pinterest

I know, I didn’t go into all the details. But this is true, when Jesus was dying on the Cross, working out the salvation of man, She was already a part of that plan! That is why He gave Her to John. He was giving Her to all of us! He wants us to love Her … She is after all His beloved daughter, spouse and Mother! The Lord is truly happy when we pray our rosary, when we offer our prayers asking for Her intercession. Remember, Mary shouldn’t become a stumbling block to Christ, but rather, She should pave the way to loving the Lord. She is a path to Jesus, and during this month of the Holy Rosary, place your heart in Her hands and through your prayers allow Her to guide you closer to Her Son. If all the faithful Catholics prayed as She asked and loved Her as we should, the world would be as it should! As Saint Maximilian Kolbe said, “Never be afraid of loving the Blessed Virgin too much, you can never love Her more than Jesus did.” Stay faithful my friends, and with Mary’s help, may we have the courage to not only live out Christ’s Truth, but fight for It as well. Viva Cristo Rey!

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