The Beach at Dawn…

The waves rush

one way and then the other…

Both pulling and pushing me

I sink my toes into the sand

Trying not to tumble

In the violent force of the ocean’s angry embrace.

It is like a jealous lover

who smothers you with both affections and insults.

Stripping Everything away.

The waves

The water cleanses me.

The good, as well as the bad, are gone.

The beautiful and the ugly…

all of it washed away….

carried out to sea and scattered in the breeze

what is left has fallen

on the sand like broken bits of shell and glass…

those pieces of me remain.

fragments of my heart

that once beat and stirred

and dared to dream

of Thee…

my hands, now bent and broken

are clean….there is no stain of sin.

There, in the ocean’s embrace nothing remains.

There is no outward sign

of who I once was,

or who I used to be.

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