Have Mercy On Me, Oh Lord

Oh how i long for those

Cool waters of my baptism

to wash 

Over me again.

Cleansing me

From sin…

It has been many years

And this longing grows.

It is all the way through my bones…

My soul… once set aflame

With love

Is now

Wrapped in pains of sin…

Pride has long found 

a welcome home here…

I haven’t the strength

To dissolve it on my own.

I am old

And i am weak.

My Lord,

I feel so alone.

How I long to see your Face as I once


All aglow…and full of love,

And a desire for my soul.

But I am old

And weakened by years

Of neglect and the turning away

From You…

This struggle has taken

Its toll.

All my strength…

I am weak

And i am old…

Have mercy on me

Oh Lord,

Have mercy on me

Oh Lord.

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