these simple things

there was a time

when every breeze

or stir of the wind,

was to my ears,

the very voice of


speaking my name.

every dark, smooth stone,

was the black of His eyes

looking after me.

everywhere I roamed.

down mountain paths,

and tiptoeing along

the bubbling streams,

He was very near,

guiding me.

even the songs from the birds

were sung for me.

these simple things

revealed to me

the love of God

in His created things.

from the colorful burst of

meadow flowers

to the gentle embrace

of the soft wind.

as a child these things were

so clear to me….

as a child i thought

as a child…

i trusted with the

innocence of

a child.

and i knew

the love of a Father,

and that I was

a child created

by a loving God.

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