Holy Spirit, Come

Holy Spirit come,

help me

to allow myself

not only towards

the falling and being

in love with You,

but also help me

to allow myself

to be consumed

by the

Flames of Your

Sacred Heart.

right here and now

as i sit in the

shadows of

the adoration chapel.

watching the candle flames


there are no

trumpet blasts to

announce Your grande


but You are here.

Your voice

a gentle breath that

quickly brushes

my ear and neck.

Holy Spirit, come,

help me, so that

i won’t avoid

Your tender gaze.

why should I desire

to try and hide

from You?

You know me from the

inside out.

i know

this restlessness

can only be

calmed by You.

so i pray, and yet it is a

struggle to keep my eyes,

my thoughts and heart

fixed on You.

the way Your Heart

beats for me…

and gushes forth

founts of life…

of peace… and Love.

You have poured,

You have washed,

You have showered me with

Your grace… and still

it is a struggle

to contemplate

the Bread of Life,

the Eucharist,

and to believe

that I am beholding Your

glorious Face.

Holy Spirit come,

help me with my


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