the truth of the matter

we like to think

we will wind up in heaven,

but it is the harsh words

spoken to those

‘closest’ to us,

when we think

no one else will hear.

or the insulting way

we treat those young

people who look

to us for guidance and love.

Where my friends,

is the good Lord

in all of this?

it is because we

have allowed ourselves

to think of our life as

a mere performance,

we have placed ourselves

center stage,

as if we could ever be

the starring role!


we spend so

much time pretending

we are someone

we really aren’t.

casting off those who are

honest with us,

while making ourselves

the center of attention,

which actually doesn’t

belong to us.

we tell others

to live humbly

while we a ourselves

boast of our brilliance

and our talents,

as if they

came from us!

much of our life is spent

in this duplicity,

we must ask ourselves

this question,

how can we think

we will go before

God, the creator of

the universe and

continue with

this charade?

my dear friends,

we must always


there is no deceiving

the Lord,

He is the Truth, Himself.

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