i was blind, but now…

there was a time

when I put my faith in

in what you said.

because of your position,

i gave you

the benefit of my trust.

now, i realize that

by blindly trusting you,

i was allowing you

to twist and distort

the reality of truth…

even when my children

were hurt by your words,

you had your excuses

to what was

said and what was done.

i gave you the benefit

of doubt

and i trusted your

stories and your lies.

there is a certain charm

about you… still,

and that will make it

hard for others

to accept the truth,

but i know what is


and i see the

lingering effects

of the damage that was done.

it is real and not

some concocted story,

as you liked to say.

so, as we go on

with our lives,


my children will have to live

with their memories of you,

but not for any

of the good things

you like to think,

that you have done.

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