never failing Love

never failing Love

Lord, help me to seek

only those things that

are from above.

help my tongue

and mouth to always sing

and speak Your praise.

help my simple mind

to contemplate

Heavenly things,

with the simplicity

of a trusting child.

help me, Oh Lord

to give everything

i am to You,

even all my brokenness,

which is all

that I truly have

of my own.

Help me, oh Lord,

to place myself within

Your embrace

as I contemplate

Your face in

the Eucharist,

help me to close my eyes

to all the small

distractions that tend

to steal away the peace

and time.

Lord, help me,

to live each breath

thinking only of You,

and Your never failing

Love for me.

Oh Lord, help me

to quiet all the

outer and inner

sounds and voices.

Help me to have

the courage of John,

to stay close

and steady,

lovingly listening

for the quiet beating

of the Faithful Father’s

Sacred Heart.

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