there is a feeling of

spiritual cleansing

immediately after the

rain storms roll through.

everything seems

fresh and washed anew.

we are called to gather our senses

and discern closely,

is It the voice of the Lord

coming through the

whisperings in

the sway of the trees?

or is He there where

branches are creaking,

speaking in tongues

that no one understands

or is inspired to hear?

we feel the Eye of God

upon us, looking down

from behind cotton clouds

seeded with rain and thunder,

and we fear His justice is near.

But wait!

She is also here!

Our Mother, always near,

quietly close your eyes

and listen,

with Her delicate voice

She sings of Her Son.

deep in the soul, beyond our ears.

with the voice of

our forgotten Queen.

Our Mother!

She sings in the subtle

flurry and flutter of wings.

She carries these things

deep in Her pockets.

tiny treasures wrapped

in golden dust and dreams.

She sprinkles them above us,

to fly!

to swirl!

to sing!

Look towards the sky!

Look towards the heavens!!

Have the courage you need

to see it is the Cross of Our King!!

How It shines like a Warriors Sword

for the all broken world to see.

slicing open the veil

that separates the heavens

from the earth and seas.

Look up! Look up and breathe!

if we should just inhale It

within our lungs and chest,

our hearts would then surely see

how She is calling us to be

at the foot of The Cross

so that our eyes will be opened

so that we may receive

the many graces,

She advocates for

and wishes for us to receive.

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