mostly thorns

unfortunately, it is true,

those who are prone to use

or abuse you

won’t change their behavior

of their own accord,

even if you pack up all

your stuff and go,

they will try to make you

believe they have made

a turn around.

even with tears and weeping,

(but rarely an apology)

they will try to manipulate

the very air you breathe,

especially if they sense you

are moving on.

they will sooth you with

tempered, twisted words.

pulling you close, they tell you

what they know you

want to hear.

this is their power over you.

nothing they say is by chance,

they are meticulous

in what they plan.

remember, they have already

been inside your head,

they know their way around.

there is nothing special in

how they feel about you,

so regardless of what they say,

or how they “sweet talk” you,

everything is done to

further their own plans,

nothing is ever meant for you,

so don’t let your guard down.

you are better off to

just move along

even if it means being gone

and being alone.

the relationship wasn’t what

you needed before,

and they haven’t changed,

the abuse will continue

and the pain that it causes

will remain the same.

all of your tears, and crying will

be done in vain.

remember, you are

worth more than they

ever gave you credit for.

you must keep reminding yourself,

it wasn’t all roses back then,

it was almost always,

mostly thorns.

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