a bit of my heart

you will always hold

a bit of my heart,

so I ask you,

please take care of it

from here on out.

you know, as well as I do,

there is no ever going back,

we have seen the future

and there is no

place for us in it.

perhaps it was fate,

or just happenstance

that we ever even met.

i used to think everything

that happened with us

was from the hands of God,

but i don’t know anymore.

i can’t pinpoint the moment

where i veered off His path

and started creating my own.

but you were there, and

for whatever it is worth,

it felt like it was meant to be.

but we are not children,

and we both should

have known that

actions led by our emotions

are never really who we are

or where we should

lay our paths.

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