the Living Waters

there is within me

an endless well of poison drink.

secretly tucked all the way

in the center

where my heart begins to beat.

it is a bitter drink, concocted there,

developed really, over the years.

each outburst of anger, or lie or

doubt, adds to its potency.

it is so caustic

that it threatens to

rot me from the inside out.

everyone of my troubles

take root and sprout from

this infectious well within me.

weakened by my

insecurities and attachments

to sin

my own strength is gone.

i am incapable to

do anything on my own.

Oh Lord, cleanse me

as You cleansed the lepers.

i am tired of clinging

to such damaging potions,

i am tired of not only

fermenting them,

but also, drinking them back in.

Cleanse me Lord

from this stain of sin!

Cleanse me and make me new again.

i beg and believe in

Your Mercy and Grace.

Please Lord, cleanse me of this


i have bathe too long in these

drudges of death and sin.

wash me Oh Lord in

Your Living Waters…

change me

so that like the waters of Marah

with You, i may be made fresh,

with You

i may be made new.

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